Here are January Updates for Office 365 , Microsoft have updated many of their applications in order to make the Office products easier to use. Below we have listed some of the most important updates that will improve your experience while using Office products.

PowerPoint January Updates

In the November updates, Microsoft introduced the QuickStarter feature to Sway, which creates a full Sway outline for you based on a keyword of your choice. This feature is now being introduced to PowerPoint so you can generate an entire presentation outline based on a topic of your choice. You will be able to choose from a variety of slide templates and themes to suite your taste. This feature should be available to PowerPoint users soon.

How To: First click on the QuickStarter option in the New Tab on the PowerPoint screen. Then search for the topic of your choice. QuickStarter will then show you a menu of possible slide templates. Once you’ve chosen the slide templates, you will also be able to choose the design of your slides. Finally, click the “Create” button and your presentation outline is ready for you.

PowerPoint Online:Similarly, to Word Online, PowerPoint Online has also been improved in order to make working with tables much easier. They have improved the displaying of inline spelling errors on online presentations and the ability to easily copy and paste items on the presentation.

Excel Updates

Some exciting new features have been added to the Get & Transform section of Excel. A total of 10 new data transformation and connectivity features have been announced for Excel 2016 in order to make data gathering and shaping easier than before. Some particularly interesting ones: converting table columns into a list, select as you type in drop-down menus, and adding custom column based on function invocation. These updates based on the Power Query technology will allow users to collate and refine data from sources such as other Excel workbooks and even Azure. For example, the convert table columns to a list feature will allow individual columns to be selected and separated so it can be used individually for other uses. These individual lists may also be sorted or transformed themselves, depending on your preferences.

Excel Online:One key feature that Microsoft have improved for Excel Online is the support provided for embedded Power View sheets and shapes in Excel Online viewer.

Word Updates

The January updates for Microsoft Word , There is a new feature designed as a new writing assistant to proof-read documents in order to help users. It will automatically check documents for sentences that can be shortened and made more concise, and highlights these issues with a gold squiggle (similar to the red squiggle on spelling errors). They have also enhanced the spell-check feature by giving a small definition of the alternative word, so you know which exact word to choose, and have also provided a “Read Aloud” option so you can listen to the word being spoken.

How to: Simply type the sentence of your choice and the writing assistant should provide suggestions to your sentences automatically.

Word Online: Word Online has been provided with a few improvements including: performance during co-authoring, ease when working with tables, and better picture resizing. These updates will hugely improve the ease of use of Word Online.

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