So, what does it mean? Internet of things refer to the interconnected devices embedded in common objects and tools to enable users to send and receive information and data. This concept highlights that in an age where nearly everything will become digital, technology is an enabler for both businesses and people. Technology is the bringer of change.

Internet of things is not just about connecting people, it is about connecting things, and that is why it is important. We rely on our ability to use and control objects as well as using them to sense and navigate with other objects. Objects having the ability to communicate with one another. One example would be a smartphone. The handset has sensors that know where its located in relation to other objects (satellites) which shows how the phone communicates with objects in addition to its primary purpose in connecting people.

So the Internet of Things…

Technology is the future. The changes within businesses both internally and externally need to be understood. These changes can impact the way we live our lives, the way we work and the way we innovate.

Internet of Things

Self Driving Cars

Self-driving cars will enable users to multitask, connect with their devices and receive data from devices that are synced with the cars. It is estimated that 10 Million Self-Driving Cars will be on the road in 2020. This technology could mean that users will be less stressed during their journey, roads may become safe and users can multitask and connect with others simultaneously. To know more about Self-Driving Cars, have a read of our previous blog:

Virtual Reality

It is indisputable that whether you have a passion for technology or not, this innovation will fascinate you. Virtual Reality is essentially a 3dimenensional, computer generate environment that sensually immerses the user in an experience. An adaptation of virtual reality; Microsoft’s HoloLens enable users to tap into a digitalized environment, and navigate the use Office 365 applications through the Lens. A great tool for the creative industry, they can visualise their products on a digital platform. To know more about virtual reality, have a read of our previous blog:


Drones also known as Quadcopters are an amazing device that is being consistently developed. A drone is a type of quadcopter that can fly in different directions, balance objects and is controlled through a remote-control sensor. Drones are used in many industries for example in farming they are used to monitor the productivity of their crops.

Better Food

There are also many ways technology is changing food. It is vital that food is produced, processed and distributed safely and effectively, which in many cases includes technological aspects such as biotechnology and biochemistry to ensure that the treatment of food substances is high in quality. The internet of things allow individuals to have better quality food increasing life expectancy rates.

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