Microsoft recently updated Outlook with a brand-new feature called Focused Inbox to help users with e-mail overload. This feature organising user’s inbox into two tabs ‘Focused’ and ‘Other’.

 So, what is Focused inbox?

This feature has many benefits: users can focus on the emails that matter most hence why the feature is called ‘Focused Inbox’. This will ensure users inbox are not piled with low priority e-mails. Outlook looks at your activity with previous email recipients and analyses user’s interaction with others to organise the inbox. Outlook then sends the remaining emails into ‘Other; which means that users don’t have to worry about organising their inbox which is great!

It’s important to note that users have control as they can turn this feature off, if it doesn’t improve efficiency for them. Secondly, the ‘Other’ tab shouldn’t be ignored, it’s important to check them regularly in case any high priority emails have filtered over.

In addition, users can always move messages manually from one tab to the other. This application monitors users behaviour with incoming emails and will be able to continuously improve its ability to organise emails into two different tabs.

Transition from Clutter

So, what’s the difference? The new outlook feature enables users to focus on important e-mails and enables users to receiving emails without having to visit another folder. On the other hand, clutter, will organised Other emails into a separate folder.

Focused Inbox

Moving emails to the Focused tab

There are two options when you select ‘More actions’ on the email; you can move it to the ‘Focused’ tab or ‘Always move to Focused’ which means that future emails from the recipient will be organised in the ‘Focused’ tab.

Moving emails to the Other tab

Users can move emails to the other tab by choosing between ‘Move to Other’ and ‘Always move to Other’.

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