Today, we will be giving you an exclusive look at the new Microsoft Forms application, specifically Surveys, Quizzes, Polls and the Analysis capability.

Users can easily make Surveys where they can gather information such as customer feedback, measuring staff satisfaction, organizing team events, etc. Microsoft Forms is very simple to use, it works on any web browser, and comes with built-in themes and question branching so can create a great survey with minimal effort.

With Microsoft Forms you can quickly create Quizzes to measure student knowledge and evaluate course progress, which allows you to focus on those areas of the curriculum that need additional improvement. Microsoft Forms lets you assign points for automatic grading and to add instructions and explanations, so testing students is more straightforward than ever before.

With Microsoft Forms is simple to create a Poll find out what a group of people thinks of your latest idea, where and when the team wants to schedule their next meeting, or how attendees at a seminar, workshop or other event feel about the content. And Microsoft Forms adapts to every screen resolution and orientation, so it’s simple for anyone to take part in your polls and surveys.

Simple and Powerful Analysis​ is possible because responses are collected in real time. Microsoft Forms then automatically converts the data into easy to understand charts to help you visualize your results.​ And best of all, easy exporting to Microsoft Excel lets you use the full power of Excel for rigorous, in-depth analysis and data manipulation.​

What’s included in Microsoft Forms?

  • Open, comment boxes for text
  • Multiple Choice options
  • Ratings
  • Numerical boxes

This application enables users to get direct feedback from quizzes and surveys they can create easily themselves.

Microsoft Forms enables users to track the survey responses through the dashboard – the dashboard provides a visual representation of the data. This application is great because you can use it internally and externally.
Microsoft Forms Screenshot
This is the Homepage of the application, where users can create a new quiz or new form.
Microsoft Forms dashboard screenshot
This is the dashboard, where you can see the number of respondents and their answers in the form of visual charts and graphs.

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