As you may know, yesterday was International Women’s day! Women, just like men, have made a hugely significant impact on the world, and today we are going to celebrate the many intellectual achievements women have made. The mission: to encourage the younger generation of women to pursue careers in STEM.

What is STEM?

STEM are careers in Science, Technology , Engineering and Maths. Statistics show that there is only a small percentage of girls who graduate with STEM degrees compared to men. The stereotype of STEM subjects being boy’s subjects is prevalent from a young age; children feel that they are supposed to be a certain way and fit into certain boxes.

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In a field that is male dominated, females can feel intimidated and that they may not be seen as seriously as their male counterparts. So, they give up or change course. In a recent study men and women were asked to sit the same science test, with women scoring higher on average. What does this show?

Well mainly that women clearly have the knowledge and potential to be successful in STEM careers. They just need the confidence and support to peruse them. 7 out of 10 girls are interested in STEM subjects in education, however only a small percentage will pursue a career in Science and Technology. As discussed, there are many contributing factors as to why this may be:

  1. The stereotype that STEM subjects are typically “Boy’s subjects”
  2. The stereotype that girls are better suited to more expressive subjects in art and humanities
  3. The males dominated workplace can be intimidating
  4. Changing other people’s attitude towards women in STEM careers can be challenging
  5. More likely to face challenges surrounding equality and progression in a traditionally male environment

Currently, Microsoft are working closely with young women and encouraging their interest in STEM subjects and by showing them all the exciting possibilities that STEM careers can offer. It’s important as a society to instil this knowledge and confidence into the younger generation of girls. Let’s change the stats!

Girls should have the power and confidence to do what they believe in and what they want to do. We look at what ‘Man’ have created but today TechQuarters are going to look at the great things women have created.

  • The windshield wipers were created by Mary Am, she created this invention to make it easier for those who drive in the rain and snow. After many years’ car companies, would include this in their car model.
  • Disposable diapers- The original waterproof diaper was made with a shower curtain and eventually was improved into a disposable model a few years later.
  • The dishwasher- Josephine Garis Cochran innovated this great idea where compartments are wired to fit plates, cups and cutlery . A motor turns the wheel to flow hot water which rained down onto the dishes. Her invention was a success!
  • Liquid paper – Bette Nesmith Graham secretly used white tempera paint to cover up her typing errors. She spent years perfecting the formula in her kitchen and eventually brought her company in 1979 for $47.5 million.
  • The circular saw – Tabitha Babbit suggested to lumber workers to use this idea. She created a prototype and at the time this invention wasn’t improved of it, however was used to its advantages a while later.

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