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What is a Disaster Recovery Plan?

Recently you may have heard about British Airways having a major IT failure which affected a massive proportion of the business and services. The direct result to their customers was that thousands of people were left stranded at airports across the globe and a lot of people had no idea when they’d be getting back home from what they thought was a stress-free holiday. BA didn’t have a reliable disaster recovery plan.

“Earlier this week Alex Cruz, BA’s chief exec, said major “power surge” at 0930 on Saturday 27 May caused the airline’s systems to ‘collapse’. Its Boadicea House (BoHo) data centre went down for around a quarter of an hour, seemingly taking the airline’s failover systems with it.” Gareth Corfield – The Register

This “power surge” had an enormously detrimental effect on British Airway’s reputation; the situation was only salvageable due to British Airways enormous size and position in the market, whereas it is doubtful that a smaller company would have survived a disaster like this. That is why it’s vital that companies have a reliable disaster recovery plan put in place.

What is a disaster recovery plan (DRP)?

Having a reliable disaster recovery plan in place ensures that in an event of a disaster like a fire, flooding, theft of hardware etc., data is secure and accessible and users are able to continue working. In the event of a live disaster recovery scenario, your IT provider will be able to spin up mirrored copies of your server infrastructure and create a mirrored working digital environment for your staff.

TechQuarters Disaster Recovery Solution

TechQuarters help businesses to devise the most appropriate disaster recovery solution for their needs and talks customers through the DRP implementation process. For example, backing up all your data to the cloud and allow remote access to specific parts of your network so your users can work from home or other location. Other features include:

  • Bare metal restore
  • Recovery Time Objective within hours of a disaster
  • Granular recovery of files and folders
  • Backup of Exchange & SQL
  • Backup of critical applications
  • Incremental backups every 15 minutes
  • Failover in minutes
  • Individual file restores
  • Monthly subscription fee
  • Local backup for quick restores
  • Users connect from PC or MAC

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