Digital Transformation Trends-Changing work environment 

What are the digital transformation trends? It is evident that there has been a big shift in business culture with the adoption of technology growing significantly, this is known as Digital Transformation. The execution of remote working has proven to be very successful in many cases, with more employees being able to work from different locations at any time.

A fast-paced working environment with the right technology enables businesses to develop and become more efficient in providing the best customer service and high quality products. Flexible working, increases employee morale which is beneficial to any business. Employees that are more productive are more likely to be those who are satisfied with their roles and responsibilities.

Communication in the work place is key to a successful business. Tools such as Yammer, Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business enables employees to instant message, collaborate and connect constantly. In the past, business culture was very different. There was little communication between colleagues which led to an increased risk of miscommunication and many internal issues that could affect the business and its efficiency.

High customer demands

Customers are often aware of the fast-paced work environment and business culture of their suppliers as well as the value they hold as customers. Today the delivery of products and services has become even faster than previously would ever have been thought possible. Therefore, customers have come to expect products and services to meet their high standards. In light of this, businesses can often struggle to acquire and retain customers when dealing with high demands. Dynamics CRM enables business to track customer information and keep good customer relationships, this application enables business to maintain balance between their suppliers and customer demands.

IT management is key and is a huge responsibility for businesses to ensure that operating systems are working and have as little fall-back time as possible. It is important for every organisation to leverage the right tools so businesses can function more efficiently. Office 365 enables users to access and work from their document and enables users to collaborate from different locations on the same document. Fast and instant messaging means that communication is a lot faster.

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