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What is Cloud Computing?

In simple terms – cloud computing is storing and accessing your data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer’s hard drive.


What types of ‘Cloud’ are there?

There are several types of cloud:

Cloud Options

Which one you use depends on the type of data your business works with.

So what do these mean?

Public Cloud

A Public Cloud is where the services and infrastructures are provided off-site over the internet. Although helping to provide the greatest level of efficiency in shared resources, it also tends to be more delicate than private clouds.

The reason for choosing the Public Cloud is when;

  • The standardized workload for applications is used by the majority of people within the business. This is generally the case with things such as email.
  • Testing and developing an application code
  • You have a SaaS (Software as a Service) applications
  • You require incremental capacity
  • Doing collaboration projects
  • Undergoing an ad-hoc software development project using a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering Cloud.

Private Cloud

A Private Cloud signifies a service and infrastructure being maintained on a private network, helping to offer great levels of security and control. However, it does require companies to purchase and maintain all the software and infrastructure, helping to reduce cost savings.

Reasons for choosing the Private Cloud are;

  • Your business is your data and your applications, which means that control and security is of high importance.
  • Your business is part of an industry that requires you to stick to strict security and data privacy.
  • Your company is large enough to run a next generation cloud data centre efficiently and effectively on its own.

Hybrid Cloud

The Hybrid Cloud is a mix between the public and private options. You have the ability to spread things out over a hybrid cloud, allowing you to keep each aspect of your business as efficient as possible.

Full Cloud

TechQuarters have come up with the term ‘Full Cloud’. ‘Full Cloud’ signifies the merging together the Public Cloud with the Private Cloud, called a Hybrid Cloud.

When companies decide to go Full Cloud, they move their entire business infrastructure to the Cloud, they get rid of their on-premise solutions completely. By moving your entire business infrastructure to the Cloud you increase flexibility and productivity of the business as everything is stored online, accessible to anyone who is given access to these documents. This means that employees or clients (when granted access) have the ability to access these documents from any device with an internet connection.

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