Last week TechQuartersTV managed to grab George Tubb, the Microsoft Partner Channel Development Manager from Microsoft, for an interview in the studio. We covered some interesting topics such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Microsoft Azure.

Part 1 – George Tubb interview – Starter Questions

We started of the interview nice and slow with some starter questions to warm George up. Ever wanted to know what the best meal in the Microsoft Canteen is? Well now you do!

Part 2 – Microsoft Azure

George lends us his brain to talk about Microsoft’s Azure stack and what’s new to the Azure scene. George also talks about the integration of automation in Azure and the added efficiency.

Part 3 – Machine Learning

Every day we use machine learning, our Amazon accounts use it to recommend products, Cortana uses it to get to know us better. For this episode, we talk about Machine learning and what that means for the future of the technology industry and Microsoft.

Part 4 – Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence recently has come a long way, in the past ten years we’ve seen the rise of intelligent personal assistants such as Cortana, Alexa and Siri. These products are so advanced they can complete tasks in your house for you like switching on and off lights. In this video, George gives us the run down on what we can expect from AI in the future.

Part 5 – Finale

For our final video, Chris reverses the roles and gets George to ask him a question. We talk about everyone upgrading to the newest version of Windows and Microsoft’s S.A.S model.

(All of the views expressed by George Tubb in this interview series are his own and are not necessarily shared by Microsoft or its partners.)

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