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The benefits of Backup services

The benefits of Backup services

At TechQuarters we specialise in Online Backup Services. So, why exactly should you invest in an online Backup Service?

What are the benefits of Backup Service?

Backup Service

Less Workload

It can sometimes become difficult to manage files and to ensure that they are all stored safely. Predominantly, this can be due to thetime-consuming process involved in managing files. However with our Backup solutions users don’t have to worry about manually saving files on different storage devices in different locations; It’s all done automatically on a safe and secure storage location known as Azure.


More Efficient

Backing up files is done online which is another benefit as recovering files online is faster than recovering them manually from an onsite storage device or location.

Better security

Storing information on a secure online platform, users don’t ever have to worry about data breaches. Encryption tools are continuously advanced at hardware and software levels. Users also don’t have to be constantly concerned with the location of their data and the types of data they store, as there is no risk of the data being physically destroyed or stolen.

Cost effective

Users don’t have to worry about the manual equipment required to backup data or having to employ someone to manually protect your data and to maintain your files. The best thing for any organisation to store their information on a secure platform with better security, fast services and less stress and risk for your business.Backup Service


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Cloud Academy Mobile Application!

We’ve just released a sneak preview of the NEW 365 Cloud Academy App!

Here at Techquarters we have been given the opportunity to pilot the new 365 Cloud Academy app! The app will be officially launched within the next few months and will be immediately available to all current Cloud Academy customers and on a monthly subscription for new users.

This fantastic new app will give users access to short, snippet, GIF style videos on how to use all the Office offerings such as OneNote, Excel, Word and many more.

The 365 Cloud Academy mobile app enables users to search on their mobile device and tablet to access relevant videos immediately and on the move; revolutionising the training process!

For more updates on what’s to come, be sure to follow TechQuarters and the 365 Cloud Academy on social media!

Cloud Academy

The Mobile App Front Page

Cloud Academy

The Sign Up Page! For the users who are new to 365 Cloud Academy.

















365 Cloud Academy

Learning Path in PowerPoint!

Search for relevant videos or go into different channels such as PowerPoint! You can choose from Standard , Intermediate and Advanced videos.

Analytics for how far you have gone through the CA training.

2050 The Future of Technology

We are always looking towards the future; improving, developing, innovating and creating. As humans, we just want to solve issues and create better ways of living. Today we are going to explain the biggest predictions in the future based on current technology and developments. Futurologists predict that nearly all fields of activities will be different in 2050 than they are today.2050

Delivery drones will be used to deliver products

It took amazon 13 minutes to complete their first ever drone delivery, this service will be called Amazon prime air. This is an example of what the future holds for technology. There will be many more organisations adopting this idea to better the quality and efficiency of their services and deliver products further and faster. Life in 2050 is going to be just great!

3D printing will construct more houses

3D printing will play a significant role in creating homes. 3D printing has the ability to create better living conditions for people. There are currently over 30 3D printed houses and structures in the world already. There are many advantages in creating homes in this manor, such as the potential for being environmentally friendly and quicker construction projects which are vital for areas affected by natural disasters.

Self- driving cars and Flying cars

We have a previous blog on Microsoft connected vehicle platform. Flying cars seems unimaginable right now, however we are swiftly moving towards the future where anything is possible and where nearly everything will be connected digitally. The only disadvantage is that this product will be very expensive they may replace Lamborghini and or the Bentley in terms of status.

People can control home environment

By 2050, we will also be able to control our home environment through home recognition software, virtual reality and in other words, the internet of things. We will be able to turn the lights off and on, change room temperature, be able to connect to different devices such as speakers and television through voice recognition and so much more.

2050 Housework Robots

It is forecasted that robots will be programmed to complete housework by 2050. The will be able to hoover, wash clothes and make weekly shopping orders for groceries and other home necessities. These domestic robots will allow humans to gain their freedom back. Allowing us to spend more time with friends and family and indulging in leisure activities instead of washing the dishes and doing the laundry.

Virtual sight via contact lenses

Also known as bionic lenses; virtual sight is supposed to be 3X clearer than 20/20, and will enable users to connect with other devices through emerged in virtual reality where they can access data from the internet or other devices to help them with their daily tasks. An interesting product which is still in the development process, Virtual Sight is currently going through several tests to ensure that the product will be safe for commercial use

UK Cloud Awards 2017

This year, TechQuarters and the 365 Cloud Academy were lucky enough to be shortlisted for two categories at the UK Cloud Awards, 2017!


Most Innovative SMB Product of the Year – 365 Cloud Academy
Best Cloud Managed Service Provider (MSP) – TechQuarters


“The cream of the UK Cloud industry gathered at OXO2 on London’s Southbank to battle it out over the UK Cloud Awards. The awards, established over four years ago by CIF (Cloud Industry Forum), in association with Cloud Pro, received hundreds of submissions, just 21 of which walked home with prizes on the night.”       UK Cloud Awards, CIF, Cloud Pro

Overall, it was a fantastic night, and, although this year we didn’t leave with a trophy, it was brilliant to share in all the fun and frivolities with so many of our partners and like-minded cloud advocates. Well done everyone!


Here’s a few photos from the evening:

From left to right: Amber Hicks (Marketing Manager), Rezwana Uddin (Digital Marketing Exec), Mark O’Dell (Operations Director),
Chris Dunning (CEO), Josie Milner (Senior Account Manager), Liam Dillon (Business Development Exec), James Cox (Channel Manager), Simon Allen-Fairey (Support Team Leader)

Girls in STEM

As you may know, yesterday was International Women’s day! Women, just like men, have made a hugely significant impact on the world, and today we are going to celebrate the many intellectual achievements women have made. The mission: to encourage the younger generation of women to pursue careers in STEM.

What is STEM?

STEM are careers in Science, Technology , Engineering and Maths. Statistics show that there is only a small percentage of girls who graduate with STEM degrees compared to men. The stereotype of STEM subjects being boy’s subjects is prevalent from a young age; children feel that they are supposed to be a certain way and fit into certain boxes.


In a field that is male dominated, females can feel intimidated and that they may not be seen as seriously as their male counterparts. So, they give up or change course. In a recent study men and women were asked to sit the same science test, with women scoring higher on average. What does this show?

Well mainly that women clearly have the knowledge and potential to be successful in STEM careers. They just need the confidence and support to peruse them. 7 out of 10 girls are interested in STEM subjects in education, however only a small percentage will pursue a career in Science and Technology. As discussed, there are many contributing factors as to why this may be:

  1. The stereotype that STEM subjects are typically “Boy’s subjects”
  2. The stereotype that girls are better suited to more expressive subjects in art and humanities
  3. The males dominated workplace can be intimidating
  4. Changing other people’s attitude towards women in STEM careers can be challenging
  5. More likely to face challenges surrounding equality and progression in a traditionally male environment

Currently, Microsoft are working closely with young women and encouraging their interest in STEM subjects and by showing them all the exciting possibilities that STEM careers can offer. It’s important as a society to instil this knowledge and confidence into the younger generation of girls. Let’s change the stats!

Girls should have the power and confidence to do what they believe in and what they want to do. We look at what ‘Man’ have created but today TechQuarters are going to look at the great things women have created.

  • The windshield wipers were created by Mary Am, she created this invention to make it easier for those who drive in the rain and snow. After many years’ car companies, would include this in their car model.
  • Disposable diapers- The original waterproof diaper was made with a shower curtain and eventually was improved into a disposable model a few years later.
  • The dishwasher- Josephine Garis Cochran innovated this great idea where compartments are wired to fit plates, cups and cutlery . A motor turns the wheel to flow hot water which rained down onto the dishes. Her invention was a success!
  • Liquid paper – Bette Nesmith Graham secretly used white tempera paint to cover up her typing errors. She spent years perfecting the formula in her kitchen and eventually brought her company in 1979 for $47.5 million.
  • The circular saw – Tabitha Babbit suggested to lumber workers to use this idea. She created a prototype and at the time this invention wasn’t improved of it, however was used to its advantages a while later.

Why should you move to the cloud?

The cloud plays a huge role in digital transformation, this enables users of organisations to access their documents and store their sensitive data in a reliable datacentre. This will bring multiple benefits to any business.

How to approach the digital age?

A vast majority of organisations are beginning their digital transformation journey, with more users are working remotely and embracing the cloud. It is vital that businesses understand the benefits of digital change in order to improve efficiency and productivity, for the work environment becoming dynamic and flexible and to improve benefits of employees, customers and partners.

Embrace the Cloud


One way digital transformation can be achieved is through encouraging users and business to embrace digital transformation. At TechQuaters we have listed some of the many benefits of embracing the cloud:

  • Easily accessible data: Organisations data can be accessed from any device at any location.
  • Onsite servers storing information require frequent maintenance and there is a bigger risk of data being lost. Data stored in the cloud is the more cost-effective approach.
  • Remote working
  • Collaborative working
  • Productivity increased
  • Return on investment
  • Higher controls on security – reduced data breaches.

Worried about how users can implement this change? Here at Techquarters, we are change management agents, and we ensure that you have the best transition. Click here , for more information.

Focused Inbox

Microsoft recently updated Outlook with a brand-new feature called Focused Inbox to help users with e-mail overload. This feature organising user’s inbox into two tabs ‘Focused’ and ‘Other’.

 So, what is Focused inbox?

This feature has many benefits: users can focus on the emails that matter most hence why the feature is called ‘Focused Inbox’. This will ensure users inbox are not piled with low priority e-mails. Outlook looks at your activity with previous email recipients and analyses user’s interaction with others to organise the inbox. Outlook then sends the remaining emails into ‘Other; which means that users don’t have to worry about organising their inbox which is great!

It’s important to note that users have control as they can turn this feature off, if it doesn’t improve efficiency for them. Secondly, the ‘Other’ tab shouldn’t be ignored, it’s important to check them regularly in case any high priority emails have filtered over.

In addition, users can always move messages manually from one tab to the other. This application monitors users behaviour with incoming emails and will be able to continuously improve its ability to organise emails into two different tabs.

Transition from Clutter

So, what’s the difference? The new outlook feature enables users to focus on important e-mails and enables users to receiving emails without having to visit another folder. On the other hand, clutter, will organised Other emails into a separate folder.

Focused Inbox

Moving emails to the Focused tab

There are two options when you select ‘More actions’ on the email; you can move it to the ‘Focused’ tab or ‘Always move to Focused’ which means that future emails from the recipient will be organised in the ‘Focused’ tab.

Moving emails to the Other tab

Users can move emails to the other tab by choosing between ‘Move to Other’ and ‘Always move to Other’.

If you have any questions regarding this new feature, be sure to email us at

Internet of Things

So, what does it mean? Internet of things refer to the interconnected devices embedded in common objects and tools to enable users to send and receive information and data. This concept highlights that in an age where nearly everything will become digital, technology is an enabler for both businesses and people. Technology is the bringer of change.

Internet of things is not just about connecting people, it is about connecting things, and that is why it is important. We rely on our ability to use and control objects as well as using them to sense and navigate with other objects. Objects having the ability to communicate with one another. One example would be a smartphone. The handset has sensors that know where its located in relation to other objects (satellites) which shows how the phone communicates with objects in addition to its primary purpose in connecting people.

so the Internet of Things…

Technology is the future. The changes within businesses both internally and externally need to be understood. These changes can impact the way we live our lives, the way we work and the way we innovate.  Internet of Things

Self Driving cars

Self-driving cars will enable users to multitask, connect with their devices and receive data from devices that are synced with the cars. It is estimated that 10 Million Self-Driving Cars will be on the road in 2020. This technology could mean that users will be less stressed during their journey, roads may become safe and users can multitask and connect with others simultaneously. To know more about Self-Driving Cars, have a read of our previous blog:

Virtual Reality

It is indisputable that whether you have a passion for technology or not, this innovation will fascinate you. Virtual Reality is essentially a 3dimenensional, computer generate environment that sensually immerses the user in an experience. An adaptation of virtual reality; Microsoft’s HoloLens enable users to tap into a digitalized environment, and navigate the use Office 365 applications through the Lens. A great tool for the creative industry, they can visualise their products on a digital platform. To know more about virtual reality, have a read of our previous blog:


Drones also known as Quadcopters are an amazing device that is being consistently developed. A drone is a type of quadcopter that can fly in different directions, balance objects and is controlled through a remote-control sensor. Drones are used in many industries for example in farming they are used to monitor the productivity of their crops.

Better food

There are also many ways technology is changing food. It is vital that food is produced, processed and distributed safely and effectively, which in many cases includes technological aspects such as biotechnology and biochemistry to ensure that the treatment of food substances is high in quality. The internet of things allow individuals to have better quality food increasing life expectancy rates.

Digital Transformation Trends

Digital Transformation Trends-Changing work enviroment Digital Transformation Trends

What are the digital transformation trends? It is evident that there has been a big shift in business culture with the adoption of technology growing significantly, this is known as Digital Transformation. The execution of remote working has proven to be very successful in many cases, with more employees being able to work from different locations at any time.

A fast-paced working environment with the right technology enables businesses to develop and become more efficient in providing the best customer service and high quality products. Flexible working, increases employee morale which is beneficial to any business. Employees that are more productive are more likely to be those who are satisfied with their roles and responsibilities.

Communication in the work place is key to a successful business. Tools such as Yammer, Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business enables employees to instant message, collaborate and connect constantly. In the past, business culture was very different. There was little communication between colleagues which led to an increased risk of miscommunication and many internal issues that could affect the business and its efficiency.

High customer demands

Customers are often aware of the fast-paced work environment and business culture of their suppliers as well as the value they hold as customers. Today the delivery of products and services has become even faster than previously would ever have been thought possible. Therefore, customers have come to expect products and services to meet their high standards. In light of this, businesses can often struggle to acquire and retain customers when dealing with high demands. Dynamics CRM enables business to track customer information and keep good customer relationships, this application enables business to maintain balance between their suppliers and customer demands.

IT management is key and is a huge responsibility for businesses to ensure that operating systems are working and have as little fall-back time as possible. It is important for every organisation to leverage the right tools so businesses can function more efficiently. Office 365 enables users to access and work from their document and enables users to collaborate from different locations on the same document. Fast and instant messaging means that communication is a lot faster.

Digital Transformation Trends

For more information about our Office 365 subscription plans, check out:

Remote Working

Remote working is all about empowering employees by allowing them to work anytime, anyplace anywhere. Organisations need to embrace the cloud, adapt to the digital environment and become data driven. At TechQuarters, we have outlined some of the benefits of remote working and how you can leverage the right tools to successfully adopt it in your business.


Many organisations communicate with teams across the globe, remote working is an advantage for those organisations, enabling them to communicate and collaborate from different locations.

Remote working from home is common and has many benefits, statistics show that remote workers have less sick days compared to onsite workers. The reason for this could be that the when remote workers aren’t feeling 100%, they are still able to complete their work from the comfort of their own home and don’t have to worry about issues associated with coming into the office.

Additionally, using productive tools enables users to work more efficiently at home without worrying about the commute and the process of getting ready. As there are new capabilities, there are new tools and it’s important for every organisation should embrace those tools to benefit their business and empower their employees.

Remote working & Reduced costs

There are reduced costs for the organisation as there is a reduced amount spent on transportation. In addition, employees who avoid a daily commute also avoid issues regarding congestion, the delay of public transportation that affect many businesses. As well as saving money on travel costs.

Flexibility & Efficiency

Office 365 applications such as SharePoint and OneDrive allow users to access company documents and work together with their team on the same document in real time. This will enable users to finish tasks more efficiently. Flexible working ensures that employee satisfaction is high, with new capabilities, employees can leverage those tools when remote working. Below is a list of Office 365 Applications we recommend every organisation needs to leverage and adopt:Remote Working



-Microsoft Teams



To know more about how to adopt office 365, check out our page

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