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Digital Transformation Trends

Digital Transformation Trends

Digital Transformation Trends-Changing work enviroment Digital Transformation Trends

What are the digital transformation trends? It is evident that there has been a big shift in business culture with the adoption of technology growing significantly, this is known as Digital Transformation. The execution of remote working has proven to be very successful in many cases, with more employees being able to work from different locations at any time.

A fast-paced working environment with the right technology enables businesses to develop and become more efficient in providing the best customer service and high quality products. Flexible working, increases employee morale which is beneficial to any business. Employees that are more productive are more likely to be those who are satisfied with their roles and responsibilities.

Communication in the work place is key to a successful business. Tools such as Yammer, Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business enables employees to instant message, collaborate and connect constantly. In the past, business culture was very different. There was little communication between colleagues which led to an increased risk of miscommunication and many internal issues that could affect the business and its efficiency.

High customer demands

Customers are often aware of the fast-paced work environment and business culture of their suppliers as well as the value they hold as customers. Today the delivery of products and services has become even faster than previously would ever have been thought possible. Therefore, customers have come to expect products and services to meet their high standards. In light of this, businesses can often struggle to acquire and retain customers when dealing with high demands. Dynamics CRM enables business to track customer information and keep good customer relationships, this application enables business to maintain balance between their suppliers and customer demands.

IT management is key and is a huge responsibility for businesses to ensure that operating systems are working and have as little fall-back time as possible. It is important for every organisation to leverage the right tools so businesses can function more efficiently. Office 365 enables users to access and work from their document and enables users to collaborate from different locations on the same document. Fast and instant messaging means that communication is a lot faster.

Digital Transformation Trends

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Remote Working

Remote working is all about empowering employees by allowing them to work anytime, anyplace anywhere. Organisations need to embrace the cloud, adapt to the digital environment and become data driven. At TechQuarters, we have outlined some of the benefits of remote working and how you can leverage the right tools to successfully adopt it in your business.


Many organisations communicate with teams across the globe, remote working is an advantage for those organisations, enabling them to communicate and collaborate from different locations.

Remote working from home is common and has many benefits, statistics show that remote workers have less sick days compared to onsite workers. The reason for this could be that the when remote workers aren’t feeling 100%, they are still able to complete their work from the comfort of their own home and don’t have to worry about issues associated with coming into the office.

Additionally, using productive tools enables users to work more efficiently at home without worrying about the commute and the process of getting ready. As there are new capabilities, there are new tools and it’s important for every organisation should embrace those tools to benefit their business and empower their employees.

Remote working & Reduced costs

There are reduced costs for the organisation as there is a reduced amount spent on transportation. In addition, employees who avoid a daily commute also avoid issues regarding congestion, the delay of public transportation that affect many businesses. As well as saving money on travel costs.

Flexibility & Efficiency

Office 365 applications such as SharePoint and OneDrive allow users to access company documents and work together with their team on the same document in real time. This will enable users to finish tasks more efficiently. Flexible working ensures that employee satisfaction is high, with new capabilities, employees can leverage those tools when remote working. Below is a list of Office 365 Applications we recommend every organisation needs to leverage and adopt:Remote Working



-Microsoft Teams



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Microsoft February Updates

OneDrive February UpdatesFebruary Updates

In the February updates , OneDrive now has the next generation sync clients, syncs files stored in OneDrive for Business and your personal OneDrive. A second sync client kept SharePoint Online and SharePoint on premise file in sync. Microsoft announced on January 24th that the next generation sync clients work with SharePoint online. Microsoft sync client enables users to now sync SharePoint sites to their OneDrive, making it easier for users to access them from any device.

-Navigate SharePoint Online

-Sync Shared folders and read only files

-Collaborate with your colleagues

Microsoft StaffHub

An application enabled for Office 365 users, developed for deskless workers who need to have better access and more efficient methods of sharing information. To download this application, users need to have an Office 365 subscription. For more information on Office 365, click here.

PowerPoint Updates

In the February updates PowerPoint has great add-in features to enable users to modify and adjust images. Pixel is a great add-in for people working in PowerPoint and Word. This application allows users to access free stock photos for their presentations or documents, which was developed off the PicKit feature in PowerPoint.

Office Online Update

The home page has a new calendar section where users can access upcoming events at a glance. In addition, there is an in-depth view of skype for business calls and meetings, users can join with a single click of the button.

Microsoft StaffHub

On January 12th 2017 Microsoft announced the release of a new mobile app enabled for office 365 users. The application sets out to resolve communication issues within businesses the rely heavily on deskless workers as it can be more difficult to quickly share and access information. Microsoft StaffHub has key features which tackle those issues such as managing schedule, sharing information and instant messaging.

Managing Schedules

Microsoft StaffHub enables employees to view upcoming schedule as well as access important notes. Employees can also access staff members shifts which will enable them to easily swap shifts when needed. Once the request has been sent out, the recipient must accept or decline the request just like the Outlook meeting invite feature. The employee waits for an accepted shift notification. The employee then needs to wait for the manager’s approval as they have control over schedules therefore any shifts that have been swapped need to be confirmed by the manager, using this feature.Microsoft StaffHub

Sharing Information

Instant messaging allows managers to send direct messages with features such as inserting photo images. This is great for increasing efficiency within the business as colleagues can communicate faster. Managers can also select which content they want to share with the team. This is great for training and induction purposes, as employees may need to access tutorials or training documents on the move.

For more information about Office 365 click here.

Microsoft January Updates

January UpdatesHere are January Updates for Office 365 , Microsoft have updated many of their applications in order to make the Office products easier to use. Below we have listed some of the most important updates that will improve your experience while using Office products.

PowerPoint January Updates

In the November updates, Microsoft introduced the QuickStarter feature to Sway, which creates a full Sway outline for you based on a keyword of your choice. This feature is now being introduced to PowerPoint so you can generate an entire presentation outline based on a topic of your choice. You will be able to choose from a variety of slide templates and themes to suite your taste. This feature should be available to PowerPoint users soon.

How To: First click on the QuickStarter option in the New Tab on the PowerPoint screen. Then search for the topic of your choice. QuickStarter will then show you a menu of possible slide templates. Once you’ve chosen the slide templates, you will also be able to choose the design of your slides. Finally, click the “Create” button and your presentation outline is ready for you.

PowerPoint Online:Similarly, to Word Online, PowerPoint Online has also been improved in order to make working with tables much easier. They have improved the displaying of inline spelling errors on online presentations and the ability to easily copy and paste items on the presentation.

Excel Updates

Some exciting new features have been added to the Get & Transform section of Excel. A total of 10 new data transformation and connectivity features have been announced for Excel 2016 in order to make data gathering and shaping easier than before. Some particularly interesting ones: converting table columns into a list, select as you type in drop-down menus, and adding custom column based on function invocation. These updates based on the Power Query technology will allow users to collate and refine data from sources such as other Excel workbooks and even Azure. For example, the convert table columns to a list feature will allow individual columns to be selected and separated so it can be used individually for other uses. These individual lists may also be sorted or transformed themselves, depending on your preferences.

Excel Online:One key feature that Microsoft have improved for Excel Online is the support provided for embedded Power View sheets and shapes in Excel Online viewer.

Word Updates

The January updates for Microsoft Word , There is a new feature designed as a new writing assistant to proof-read documents in order to help users. It will automatically check documents for sentences that can be shortened and made more concise, and highlights these issues with a gold squiggle (similar to the red squiggle on spelling errors). They have also enhanced the spell-check feature by giving a small definition of the alternative word, so you know which exact word to choose, and have also provided a “Read Aloud” option so you can listen to the word being spoken.

How to: Simply type the sentence of your choice and the writing assistant should provide suggestions to your sentences automatically.

Word Online:Word Online has been provided with a few improvements including: performance during co-authoring, ease when working with tables, and better picture resizing. These updates will hugely improve the ease of use of Word Online.

How to build team collaboration with Office 365

Large or SMB Businesses rely on highly skilled and collaborative teams to increase efficiency when providing services and products. We, at TechQuarters, are experts at Office 365 migration, change management and team collaboration. Providing you with all the solutions to build collaborative and efficient teams within your business.

Digital Transformation & Remote Working

Office 365 online applications enable users to access their documents from their mobile devices and other portable devices to work remotely from home or on the go.

Businesses can often become stumped when confronted with change management. The ability to work remotely from the cloud and connect with external and internal stakeholders through online portals as well as desktop applications, can seem scary to businesses who rely solely on servers. This is where TechQuarters comes in.

To know more about digital transformation, visit our site or have a read of our previous blogs on how to adjust to the new changing working environment.

Why is team collaboration important?Team collaboration

Businesses want to improve customer satisfaction and brand awareness therefore it’s important to leverage tools to utilise team collaboration to achieve this. Team collaboration is important especially for large projects that need to be completed in a short period. Team working is healthy for the staff within an organisation and improves work performance and motivation within the business.

Users need to leverage tools that will make them more flexible and efficient when communicating effectively with their team members. Office 365 applications such as Yammer, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive and Skype for Business enables users communicate instantly. Office 365 applications is great for social networking purposes, finance, admin and many other roles. Office 365 allows the whole organisation to communicate effectively from different locations, from different departments and become an interconnected workforce.

Skype for Business- enables users to connect with their team using features such as VoIP and video calls for online conference meetings. Skype provides Instant messaging which enables users to connect with each other quickly and informally. Here at TechQuarters we offer VoIP services to integrate seamlessly with the rest of your Office 365.

Microsoft Teams – One platform that has access to outlook, skype for business and many more is Microsoft Teams. This application enables users to work online simultaneously with instant messaging features. Microsoft Teams is ideal for large projects and campaigns as its clear, fast and easy to use.

Yammer- Yammer is the social network for businesses. A user simply signs up with an email address from company’s domain to be a part of this company exclusive network. There is also a feature that allows external groups or individuals to be added such as suppliers, partner and many more. Yammer also enables users to share files and collaborate with others.

To know how to use these team collaborative applications on Office 365, go onto to register!

5 Influential Women in Technology

The female team at TQ, we have chosen 5 Influential women in technology that bring motivation and difference to technical company.

Clare Barclay – COO of Microsoft

Clare Barclay’ diverse experience workingInfluential women for Microsoft spans 15 years has enabled her to become the General Manager of the Small, Medium Enterprise and Partner Group. Working across Microsoft’s business groups SM&P drives sales and marketing efforts and provides solutions for small to medium sized – businesses and corporate accounts (commercial &public sector). Such as overseeing Microsoft’s UK partner group (driving the company’s channel partner strategy) by supporting the Microsoft Partner Network, creating solutions to help customers meet their business needs.


Toni Townes-Whitley – Vice President Public Sector of-Microsoft

Influential womenTownes is passionate about creating positive societal and global impact. Townes, leadership is shown through being responsible for sales professionals within the government, public, safety, education, and non – privatized healthcare customers as well as partners worldwide. Some of the work Townes participates in, is through providing school administrators with a more holistic picture of the factors that influence dropout rates. One way in which Townes brings motivation and difference to technical companies is through, aligning Microsoft public sector programmes and organisational priorities with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: Townes – Whitely drives advancement and change in keeping with Microsoft’s new mission, ‘empowering every person and organisation of the plate to achieve more’.


 Kathryn Parson – co-CEO of Decoded

Parsons runInfluential women s a business school which teaches computer programming. Many students come in having never heard of Coding. However, the business caters for experience, training and aids in generating new skills through motivation and difference to the technical company. Using campaigns such as NextGen has helped to train young individuals on how to build their own app using HTML, CSS and JavaScript programming languages. In partnership with many successful people from companies such as Ogilvy Group, Facebook and the BBC. Using such huge companies has allowed Parsons to create a very successful cliental, not only the use of Client ling, through inviting 10 Downing St to discuss in her recent NextGen campaign to using social media advertisements, making Kathryn Parsons and very influential woman in technology through Decoded being a successful second business and an influential women in technology .


Sheryl Sandberg – CEO of Facebook

With a past backInfluential Womenground, working as vice president of global online sales and operations, Sandberg was responsible for managing online sales of advertising and products. Sheryl Sandberg’ has used her previous experience and skills to help her become Facebook’s chief operating officer overseeing business operations, specifically helping Facebook’s operation to expand its global footprint. She also oversees sales management, business development, Human resources, marketing, public policy, privacy and communications. Having been richly awarded for her duties, she made her way onto the billionaires’ list in early 2014, based on her stake in Facebook, as well as becoming the first female member of the company’s board of directors in the same year- making her a very influential figure through making a difference within the technical company.

Amy Hood – CFO of Microsoft

Influential WomenAmy Hood, is responsible for the company’s productivity applications and services including Microsoft Office 365, Office, SharePoint, Exchange, Dynamics ERP and Dynamics CRM. As the No.2 at Microsoft, CFO Amy Hood helped influence the technical company through creating huge figures – 93.6 billion in revenue for the 2015 fiscal year, with a 6.7 billion increase over the previous year. Moreover, during her time in the Business Division, Hood helped lead the transition to the company’s Office 365 service, and she was deeply involved in the strategy development and overall execution of the company’s successful acquisitions of Skype and Yammer, making her leadership a great influence of the industry and making her an influential women overall.

Productivity in 2017

Productivity The phrase: “New year new me’’ is often thrown about each January, with individuals planning to make changes to their lives with the intent in making this year better than the last. At TechQuarters, we like to be productive and keep our teams motivated so we have come up with 8 tips on productivity this 2017!

Wake up early

This is an important habit to get into; getting a goods night sleep and waking up early means that people feel more energised and refreshed. Studies show that ‘morning people’ are the most productive and hence more successful. In addition, waking up early means that the work can be finished before everyone else has even started giving you a great head start.

Start doing!

The first tip to productivity is just to get going, and don’t over-analyse too much. The mind visualises all the difficult stages that are to come, the individual feels panic resulting in procrastination. This also wastes a lot of time, the time used to think and panic could’ve been replaced with productivity. Remember plan but don’t procrastinate.

Come up with 3 main goals

They could all relate to work, social life even health! 3 main goals that you feel are important to become productive, this is a great motivational tip. Setting goals means that eventually they need to be achieved, so get cracking!

Singular focus

Remove all distractions and focus on the task at hand. Being only human, our minds often likes to wonder, but we must discipline ourselves to focus. The best way to do this is to think about each outcome separately, set a time-frame and begin.

Leverage tools

There are so many choices when it comes to what tools to use to be productive in the work place, this is where technology comes in. Office 365 applications are a great, efficient tool for businesses, students, teachers, etc. to improve their productivity. Office 365 products enable users to collaborate with others faster, improve communication and complete an array of tasks and projects. There are many great collaboration tools in Office 365 such as Microsoft Teams , Yammer , SharePoint. There are other great tools such as OneNote which is great for jotting down quick notes in a meeting compared to writing on a piece of paper, your most likely going to miss some important information out. This will ensure that the user can reformat that information into a report saving both time and energy!

Schedule everything

This is a must when it comes to being productive, its important to have a list of what needs to be done and when it should be done by. At TechQuarters, we use Outlook Calendar, Planner, OneNote and Excel to create timetables and schedules. This ensures that we all stay on top of things and maintain both productivity and efficiency.

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Women in Technology

Women in technologyWomen in Technology? There is a common misconception that the IT industry is for ‘Boys’ and  unfortunately this stereotype appears to still be true. The gender gap in the IT Industry has been of great concern for several years, however it is beginning to change.

Prominent influencers like Toni Townes-Whitley,Vice President Public Sector of-Microsoft, and many other powerful women are leading the way for women in the technological industries.

There is a great responsibility on the education system and education organisations to empower women to develop their technical skills and passions, to enable them to contribute to this growing industry.

Now onto statistics

Statistics show that women make up 30% of an average company’s workforce, and only 17% of the company’s technical job roles.

Within education there appears to be a great deal of women interested in science and technology; with 7/10 girls stating that they are interested in science however only 2/10 girls actually going on to pursue it professionally. Although the statistics are small, it is vital that the results are used to further the empowerment of women in technology.

It is also significant that 75% of female STEM (science, technology, engineering) graduates leave the sector within 10 years of graduation. Among some of the reasons being a lack of respect and authority, they failed to be taken seriously and many more.

Women in Technology matter

40% of the entire average labour force in the EU are women, which is an improvement, however the figures need to rise. A rather shocking statistic is that 55 billion dollars in consumer technology is purchased by women, however they only constitute 10% of the design and production jobs needed to make these products, with the other 90% being held by men.

The change that needs to happen is that women need to move away from consumerism and given more opportunities in design, product production and services roles. Women need to be encouraged to use their skills and experiences to help the IT industry grow.

Innovation in the market caters for both genders equally, so it is important that the innovation comes from both genders too.

Women of the Future

Women in technology will play a huge role in digital transformation , the generation with Microsoft Connect Vehicle Platform ,Microsoft HoloLens.  To encourage women to join and remain in this growing sector, it is necessary to ensure equal opportunities and encouragement throughout the workplace. The Technological industries cater for an extremely competitive market, therefore its important continue to innovate and evolve continuously as a business, and getting more women on board will only encourage this.

Technology is a means to an end which is a purpose. This idea is further instilled by Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, who states:

“I want to empower every person on the planet and organisations to achieve more”.

‘Every person’; this means women too!

Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform

Microsoft has just announced that the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform provides a set of services built on Microsoft Azure Cloud. Vehicles integrated with digital technology provide effective services for businesses as well as personal use.

Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform

Later this year, Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform will be launching a public preview — A great opportunity to get an insight of this great new technology.

Microsoft’s focus is on empowering automakers; to complement automakers not compete. They want to make it easy for automakers to keep up to date with technology and provide better connected car solutions. The purpose of these vehicles is to solve key priorities such as:

  • predictive maintenance,
  • improved in-car productivity,
  • advanced migration,
  • customer insights
  • help building autonomous driving capacities

Microsoft want to provide a platform that begins with the cloud and eventually address five possible scenarios for their partner relations. Digital transformation has led the automobile industry to, work with digital technologies so they can create autonomous vehicles that provide smart mobility services.

Safety and Security

The built-in features deploy secure platforms and infrastructure to ensure that privacy and confidentiality is maintained whilst creating intelligent and personal experiences. Microsoft intend to add features that will help organizations such as UBER provide better customer experiences through tools like facial recognition software.

Digital productivity

A cloud based infrastructure as well as a personal digital assistant known as ‘Cortana’ enable users to increase productivity and digital experiences. Cortana is connected to user’s vehicle and provides endless services for example: features that automatically schedule important meetings and events when the user is free as well as the service provider. In addition, it includes intelligent features such as Dynamics , Office 365, Power BI and Skype for Business which are great productivity applications for business. Lastly, the built-in features are simple and make everyday life much more controlled, fluid and flexible. As it is also a cloud based infrastructure, Microsoft azure do most of the heavy lifting, allowing users to take full advantage of the service itself, which is easy to use and requires no additional training.

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