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Tesla’s New Rival Audi Aicon Concept

Tesla’s New Rival Audi Aicon Concept

The Aicon is Audi’s Electric Self-Driving car concept – just revealed at the Frankfurt Motor show. The German Automaker has a unique concept in comparison to other motor companies. Here we focus on the electronic coupe, exploring the features and giving an insight into the future of autonomous driving.


Audi Aicon

“The Audi Aicon is 18 feet long, 26-inch wheels, self-driving vehicle. A four-door, 2 +2 concept, the car has 4 electric motors that produce a total of 350 horsepower and 405 lb-ft of torque.’’  Source 

An electric coupe, designed for smooth, effortless, high-speed cruising. The comfortable interior, with thick pile carpeting and 2 lounge styled chairs bring a new experience to autonomous driving. A unique design that hasn’t been seen on current models; the Aicon has no steering wheels, pedals or seat belts. It’s designed to eliminate collisions so passengers won’t require these traditional safety measures. With integrated LED lighting technology, the model has replaced conventional headlights with 3d Pixelated graphics; displaying animations and information visualizations in any colour. This feature enables the Audi to give warnings to pedestrians, cyclists and other road users.

Technology Panel

– Relax mode

– Navigation Music

– PIA personal intelligent assistant

– Brose, entertain, socialise, trip and ambience

– Ambience feature

– Chassis and Drive system

The Modern Workplace

So, what is the modern workplace?

Technology is evolving, we are living in a digital-driven world with the latest advancements in technology influencing the ways we learn, work, spend our free time and everything in between. The Modern Workplace is where we can use technology to empower us to be more productive and efficient.

‘’Empower your team, safeguard your business and simplify IT Management with a single solution, purpose – built for your business’’ – Microsoft

What can Microsoft 365 Business do for your organisation?

Modern Workplace

One solution designed for your business. Microsoft 365 Business includes:

Office 365 – Included desktop apps, online services such as exchange, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business. Business app such as Microsoft Booking, Outlook, Customer Manager, MileIQ1

Windows 10 Business – Includes everything in Windows 10 Pro2 plus Windows Defender Security Controls, Windows Auto- Pilot and Automatic Office Apps Deployment.

Best of EMS – Include App protection for Office Mobile Apps, Device management for Windows 10, PCs and selective wipe of company data.

Email, Schedule and Chat

Communication is essential, tools that help organisations to be more productive and efficient to improve customer experience. Organisations can communicate via Microsoft Outlook and schedule meetings through the calendar functions. An organisation can stay in sync with customers, partners and colleagues through Video conferencing and calls. Skype for business integration enables users to video conference with multiple people, saving travel costs and most importantly, time.

Create and Collaborate

Applications such as Word documents, Excel Spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations enable users to collaborate, create and share. SharePoint is a drag and drop intranet for documents and files – this application enables users to collaborate on the same document which is key for team projects. On the other hand, OneDrive for Business enables users to access their document files online and offline, as well as accessing their most recent edits. This application enables users to work remotely and collaborate effectively.

Stay a step ahead

Cortana a personal digital assistant for users, the purpose of this feature is to make life easier and handle crucial tasks. Cortana is great for reminders and tasks. Office 365 App Delve enables users to work with co-workers to find latest files and share with them internally.

To know more about The Modern Workplace call u on 0800 148 8001 or email and we will get straight back to you.

Chris Dunning Interviews James Marshal

TechQuarters TV New Series

TechQuarters TV just released our new series, where CEO of TechQuarters Chris Dunning interviews James Marshal. We discuss topics ranging from Microsoft 365 Business to interesting topics like Bots. The digital world we live in constantly changes and we need to keep up to date with the latest technology trends, applications and the exclusives from leading technology companies such as our Partner – Microsoft. This series will give you an insight on what your business needs to understand and implement and how you can move forward with technology.

Episode 1 – James Discusses Partner Technology

In this Episode, we focus on Partner technology strategies. James Marshal shares his own experience with using Azure and Power Bi to water his plants. Watch the video below to find out more!

Episode 2 – Networked Solutions and SharePoint

This episode covers networked solutions for SMB’s and how businesses can easily have a computer shipped and updated with their settings in minutes.

Episode 3 – What’s the Future of Bots?

Chris asks James what Artificial Intelligence bots are used for and how they could be implemented in the future. Artifical Intelligence can create powerful solutions to help customers and business achieve more.

Episode 4 – Microsoft 365 Business

Chris and James talk about the preview build for Microsoft Office365 Business and what the future of that might look like. Microsoft 365 Business is the ideal solution for small to medium sized businesses; enabling organisations to have better and more efficient process so that the company can focus on what matters. TechQuarters had the chance to preview this product and see how cost effective this product is and how it will benefit SMBs.

Episode 5 – GDPR  & The Finale

For the last episode, Chris runs down the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation and asks James a final question. We wanted to say a BIG thank you to James Marshal for joining us and giving us very useful insights to the digital world and sharing his own experiences with Technology. We hope to have you again soon.

If you enjoyed this series, be sure to watch out for our upcoming ones – if you want to catch up on related series, you catch watch Chris Dunning interview Geroge Tubbs – Our Azure Evangelist. If you would like to get in contact with us call us on 0800 148 8001 or email and we will get straight back to you.


The best features of Microsoft Forms

Today, we will be giving you an exclusive look at the new Microsoft Forms application. This application enables users to get direct feedback from quizzes and surveys they can create easily themselves.

What’s included in Forms?

– Open, comment boxes for text

– Multiple Choice options

– Ratings

– Numerical boxes

Microsoft Forms enables users to track the survey responses through the dashboard – the dashboard provides a visual representation of the data. This application is great because you can use it internally and externally.


This is the Homepage of the application, enables users to create a new quiz or new form.

This is the dashboard – where you can see the number of respondents and their answers in a form of visual charts and graphs.












If you would like to know more about office 365, be sure to call us on 0800 148 8001 or email and we will get straight back to you.

TechQuarters Receives The Cyber Essentials Accreditation

TechQuarters has just received the Cyber Essentials Accreditation; a government backed scheme that ensures business are secure against cyber attacks. This means that TechQuarters has been verified and is as secure as possible against hackers, viruses and most cyber threats. If you’re a customer or you’re looking to become a customer, you can be sure your data is safe with us.

TechQuarters has also begun the process of gaining the ISO 2070001 accreditation, which is the golden standard around the globe for cyber security. Its going to be a challenge getting to the standard required by this accreditation but everyone at TechQuarters is sure we can do it and we aim for this be completed by the end of 2017. This ensures you, the customer, can have ultimate peace of mind about how your data is stored. These two statuses are key steps to becoming not only GDPR compliant but going above and beyond to make sure we’re as cyber secure as possible.

If you would like more information about how we achieved this, how we’re working towards ISO 2070001 and/or how your business can be Cyber Secure and conform to GDPR. Call us on 08001488001 or email us at

Microsoft 365 Business

Microsoft 365 BusiBusinessness is expected to be officially released toward the end of this calendar year. However, as TechQuarters are Microsoft Gold Partner we have already been granted exclusive access to the beta – and it’s pretty cool! This is the ideal solution for small to medium sized businesses; enabling organisations to have better and more efficient process so that the company can focus on what matters. PURPOSE.

What included in this SMB Business solution?

– Comes with office 365

Email and Calendar

File Storage

Data Protection Control

– Safest windows ever

Cyber Threat protections

Administration and deployment

Dependability and support

TechQuarters CEO, Competes in 5 Triathlons for Alzheimer’s Society Just This year!

Chris Dunning, CEO of TechQuarters enters 5 triathlons this year to support Alzheimer’s society. Despite having a slightly dodgy knee and painful back, his motivation and dedication for raising awareness for Alzheimer’s Society is truly inspiring. To support Chris Dunning on his #5triathlonchallenge, be sure to check out and donate to his Just Giving page. 


Blenheim Triathlon

In June, Chris Dunning, along with 11 others fellow TechQuarters team mates, took on the prestigious Blenheim Palace Triathlon. His first triathlon of the year, Chris was feeling both nervous and excited but still went on the exceed his own expectations, completing the course in 1.28.39

London Triathlon

In July, Chris made a serious comeback by coming in the Top 10 for his age group after having been just pipped to the post by brother Andy in the Great London Swim; completing the London Tri in an impressive 1:20.

The next 3 Triathlon’s Chris will be competing in:

Chantilly Triathlon

This year was the Chantilly event, which challenges athletes to race 2.5km overlooking the Chateau and its beautiful gardens. This event took place on the 25th of August, below are some pictures of Chris at the event, the beautiful architecture and Chris Dunning’s mum who looked extremely happy that Chris earned his medal, coming in at  1.19.51. Chris came 114th of 650 and 25th in his age group which is fantastic.




The Goat Triathlon 

Mid-September is the Goat Triathlon. The athletes will drop off their bikes in the transition area and swap them for their trainers to take on the breath-taking cliff path run. Chris Dunning will be preparing for the climb, accompanied by TechQuarters, Operations Manager Mark O’Dell.

Barcelona Triathlon 

On the 8th October, Chris’s last triathlon for the year will be held in beautiful Spain, that’s what we call a #sprintchallenge. This event is the one of the most attended and most popular triathlons in the world; attracting up to 6k athletes around the world.

Well done and good luck Chris!

For more information on Chris’ achievements or to donate towards the Alzheimer’s Society, visit his Just Giving Page here:

Week 3 Summary Post – Training Series

This week TechQuarters TV released the final two new videos of our Training Series. The series covers topics from traditional classroom learning to the future of training. To catch up on our previous episodes go over to (add link)

Episode 7 – Learning stats you need to know

In this episode, we focused on important stats to really outline the benefits of e-learning. E-learning increases retention by 25-60% in comparison to Classroom training being 20-30%. E-learning enables users to take breaks, they learn at their own pace and users don’t have to worry about travel costs. In this video, we illustrate how e-learning increases productivity and efficiency through statistics.

Episode 8 – The Future of Training

In this episode, we discuss the future of e-learning. We believe that one of the best ways to learn is remotely, using a mobile app during your commute, anytime and anywhere. Mobile learning is the future, according to a recent mobile research report conducted in 2016. This study shows that the average person spends 2 hours 51 min on their phone per day. It’s clear that users invest time into their mobile devices whether it’s personal or business related. It’s important for organisations to adapt to these changes by investing in the future of training.

If you would like to know more, contact us on 0800 148 8001 or email or visit the 365 Cloud Academy website. 

Week 2 Summary Post – E-Learning Series

It’s a new week and with a new week comes a new set of videos. In the last 5 days, we covered some important and interesting topics; ‘E-Learning for Corporates’, ‘The Benefits of Blended Training’ and ‘How to be an Effective Learner’. Have a flick through some of these topics right now on TechQuartersTV. Here’s a summary of this week’s videos:

Episode Four – E-Learning For Corporates

In this episode we cover E-Learning in small to large corporates and the benefits that your business can see from effectively training your employees. Its undoubtedly crucial that your employees have access to training. With tools such as YouTube and online training services like the 365 Cloud Academy, you can train employees from not only the comfort of their desk, but from the comfort of their own home.

Episode Five – Blended Training

It’s imperative that when implementing training, that a blended approach (like a combination of classroom and e-learning) is used, allowing for all types of learners to be catered for. Not everyone learns in the same way and therefore sometimes it can be difficult for everyone to benefit from a single training session. With a blended approach you can ensure every type of learner will be able to learn to the best of their ability.

Episode Six – How to be an Effective Learner

Episode six focuses on how you can be effective learner. Whether you’re a CEO, Manager or an intern, it’s important that your constantly and effectively learning. Where time pressures can obstruct traditional classroom training, e-learning becomes even more vital.

Benefits of GDPR 2018

Organisations are going through a challenging period preparing for GDPR and failing to understand the benefits GDPR will have in their business processes and brand reputation; it’s not just about avoiding the penalty… The threat is real and businesses need to implement processes to ensure that data collection, data protection and data handling is managed effectively. Organisations are encouraged to hire a DPO (Data Protection Officer). In most organisations, an elected Data Protection Officer within your company will be responsible for your data protection strategy and implementation; a role not to be taken on lightly.

If you have not yet considered this role or are unsure who and how GDPR compliance will be rolled out in your organisation, TechQuarters GDPR consultants are here to help. For more information on how to prepare for GDPR 2018, have a read of our blog.

Benefits of GDPR compliance

One of the many benefits of being GDPR compliant is that’s organisations are required to implement controlled business processes – meaning that data will already be organised; resulting in greater productivity and efficiency generally. It’s essential for businesses to invest in GDPR Software that will enable them to collect and organise data into one centralised location, and then ensure this location is backed-up and secure in hosted servers like Azure. One of the main benefits of being GDPR compliant is that organisations will have a higher level of security compared to previous years. Software’s will ensure that customers have trust and loyalty with the brand and their data can be accessed on request.

Data will not only be collected but also analysed. There are many benefits to data analysis as it can be used to make forecasts and identify trends and patterns. This is great for the progress of the business in terms of profit as data analysis could lead to new marketing processes or other business decisions.

Implications of not being GDPR compliant

Non-EU controllers who market to EU residents must also comply with GDPR, this affects all organisations that provide services and products to EU residents. Organisations who are not GDPR compliant could face a fine up to £2 million or 4% of their annual turnover!

Another implication of not being GDPR is data theft and data loss. Data scattered everywhere can negatively affect a business in many ways, firstly slowing down their processes as they are unable to access data from a centralised system but instead have to search for scattered data. Data stored on different devices and locations is a huge risk to the business as it increases the possibility of data loss and data theft so it’s important that data is organised, stored in a secure location with administrator controls.

For more information regarding GDPR solutions, call us on 0800 148 8001 or email

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