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How to work effectively with your team

Microsoft announced the preview of Microsoft Teams early November last year. The application has had great success with 58 million active users. This application is a chat based workspace for Office 365 users who want to collaborate and work remotely with your team. Here at TechQuaters, we love using Microsoft Teams and have seen the benefits it can bring to the business model. Today we are going to share, what we feel are the best features of Microsoft Teams and why this application is going to help digitally transform businesses.

Interacting with Emoji’s

Who doesn’t love a good emoji? It’s a generic form of expression on social media platforms and makes communication more fun and immediate! Microsoft Teams has implemented this concept in their chat based workspace to increase interaction between colleagues and we love it.

Access Meetings in Team

Did you know that users can stay on track with Microsoft Teams by accessing the Meetings tab. This tab allows users to both accept and decline meetings from inside Teams. Users can also view upcoming meetings so they are always on track! Microsoft Teams really has all the tools for organisations.

Integration with SkypeTeam

The skype integration allows Team users to make calls and receive skype messages. This application enables users to communicate effectively with their team and interact via video conference calls or even group chats. Communication just couldn’t get easier.

Access and sharing files on chat space

Talk about productivity; Teams enables users to access both their files and other Microsoft applications from within. Improving productivity and efficiency within businesses. Users can also access their meeting notes and share it with their team members.

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